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Protect Kids in Digital Era

Taking-Over Human Nature

If you look at it from a broader perspective you will come to understand that increased technology can become suffocating. Take for example the use of mobile phones.

They’ve completely altered the way we function as humans. Allowing connectivity all across the world and bringing the phenomenon of globalization to a completely new level.

We see individuals in touch with their old school friends via Twitter and Facebook but they all lack normal interaction with their present family and friends. The essence and comfort of personal interactions is being lost with time and is that something we really aspire to achieve?

So many things to do!

And then there’s the overall increased use of digital media – video games, online streaming movies, TV shows, Netflix, social media and what not. Basically, we now have the convenience of watching anything, anywhere via our phones and laptops. And while this may seem to be greatly convenient, it’s high-time that we realize how these will affect our body, and the illnesses this lifestyle may lead us too.

The Common Problems

• Increased gazing at computer screens, tablets, phones and TV screens can severely damage your eyesight.

• Sitting in a single position for long hours can put stress on many parts of your body like the spine, neck, knees, and can causes muscle spasms as well. The prolonged application of this stress will damage the function of these body parts over time.

• Many of the common devices we use emit harmful radiations. That can trigger the emergence of severe illnesses like cancers, genetic mutations and tumours.

• Obesity, sleep deprivation, fatigue are all problems that are associated with the increased use of these devices.

Lookout for your Kids!

But these are all problems that we are all usually familiar with, and already know about. The major point of concern is that we still fail to take them seriously!

Since most parents already know that there is a very likely chance of their kids suffering from these problems. It only makes sense, if they make use of this information to prevent their child from encountering them.