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Parenting With Reduced Stress

Have daily routine or schedule for your kids to follow. Kids need something constant in their lives and growing up is hard as it is. By choosing a schedule such as when you want them in bed, what time they wake up in the morning or how long they can watch TV, you are setting them up for success. This also helps your children learn at a young age what it’s like to follow an itinerary. It is important that you reward your children’s good behavior. Your children look to you for your approval, so it is important that you let them know when they have behaved well or have exceeded your expectations. This will let your kids know that while bad behavior is punished, good behavior is rewarded. It is important that your children grow up in a loving environment surrounded by family. This makes it imperative that you spend quality time together as a family. There are so many values that kids can’t learn on their own without the presence of supportive family members.

When you must punish your kids, make sure that the punishment is constructive to their well-being. Some parents jump straight to spanking, but apart from the fact that your children will learn to fear you or disrespect you, it doesn’t teach much. For example, if you child came home later than curfew from a friend’s house, don’t allow your child to go to a friend’s house for one week. Constructive punishments always work best and your children will learn much quicker what consequences there are for poorly thought out actions.

It is okay not to know everything about parenting. No parent is perfect and you’re still learning every day. Seek help from an outside source when you feel like things are out of control. Family members or close friends who are parents themselves can help you take control of bad situations.