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Good Dining Etiquette in Children

What they shouldn’t do

Kids should be taught about what is agreeable on the dinner table right from a young age. Talking or eating loudly is not appropriate. Neither is starting before everyone has settled down or leaving the table abruptly. One shouldn’t talk with their mouths full. It is repulsive to others sitting and the table and there is also a risk of choking. Negative comments about the food like “Yuck!” are highly unsuitable.

What they should do

The kids shouldn’t fidget on the chair and a proper posture must be maintained for better digestion. The usage of napkins should be employed for wiping off food from the face and hands. May I, please and thank you should be used while asking for the salt shaker or the bread basket instead of lunging across the table. Their cutlery skills must be put into practice unless the meal includes designated finger food.

How to administer the rules

Lead by example-If you are distressed about your children picking up bad mealtime practices from their peers, don’t undervalue your influence. The parents should make sure that they themselves follow the norms of what is acceptable and what isn’t. It may sound ridiculously simple, but well-mannered parents have well-mannered kids. Follow simple etiquettes that you would want your child to follow like not getting any electronics to the table or picking your teeth.