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Connect With Your Child Today

1. Give her a hug or cuddle first thing in the morning and allow her enough time to wake up gently.

2. Talk to your child during breakfast and ask him what his day has in store for him.

3. In the evening, spend some time reading together, even if she is reading on her own. Older children still enjoy being read to and also like to discuss their books with Mom and Dad. Listen carefully to her thoughts and findings, and share some of your own.

4. Get involved in something he is passionate about or teach him something that you love to do. Sharing an interest is a great feeling and an excellent way to bond.

5. Make sure to empathize with your child, even if you don’t agree with what she is feeling. When you acknowledge her point of view, you strengthen your connection and build emotional intelligence.

6. Listen kindly to his lengthy story about issues with his friends at recess. Don’t jump to conclusions and try to fix everything. Just listen and be there for him.

7. Have alone time with your child, without your spouse or siblings, even if it’s just 15 minutes of playing a game or doing a hobby together. She will appreciate your undivided attention.