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Monthly Archives: June 2017

Mobile Apps for Parents

What to Expect – Pregnancy and Baby: I used this app while I was carrying my youngest daughter (she is now a year old). For those who are expecting, this app has an excellent day-by-day and week-by-week guide complete with photos and you will receive personalized updates based on your due date. I absolutely love that feature! It also gives you the opportunity to connect with other Moms which is nice.

Parenting Reminder a Day, A Tip: this app sends a parenting tip to your phone as a calendar reminder every day- you don’t even have to open the app. I am always seeking out more knowledge on parenting, so this was great for me.

Baby Tracker & Digital Scrapbook – Kidfolio Pro: this app is truly one of my faves. It allows you to track your baby’s health and development from growth and immunizations to feedings, diaper changings, pumping sessions, etc. This app really helps to keep everything you need to remember about your child organized. As an added bonus, you’ll also receive information on developmental milestones. You can also capture certain milestones on camera and organize them into a scrapbook! This is just a great app for advice and recommendations and socializing with other parents. I love it.

Yuggler-fun activities for kids and family – This is a really cool app to find kid-friendly activities near you. This is great for active families and with the recent update, they now have User-Constructed Top Charts for Kids Activities. It’s super convenient.

Animal and Tool Picture Flashcards for Babies and Toddlers by Open Solutions – This app does an excellent job of keeping my 1 year old entertained and it isn’t at all difficult to navigate. This is also a great app to encourage speech in your young child while also helping them pair an image with the actual word. Your child can learn what sound an animal makes, the correct way to pronounce its name (in various languages) and even how to write it!

Preschool and Kindergarten Learning Games by Kevin Bradford LLC – My 4 year old really enjoys using this app- it keeps her busy during car rides and is very educational. These games focus on things such as Counting, Alphabet, Addition, Subtraction, Spelling, etc.

Baby Monitor Lite by Bipfun – This is a really cool baby monitor that can be downloaded for free. You can see AND talk to your baby via this app. It also offers different animal nightlights on the screen to comfort your little one.

Business Management Mirrors Parenthood

1: Lead by example. My work ethic, time spent and treatment of others would shine above all. If I failed, I had myself to blame.

2: Be a good listener. Everyone there knew more than I about the particular industry. It would be wise to ask good questions and make note of the responses.

3: Be firm, when necessary. Regardless of age, experience or the skills of the staff, I would make it clear that I was the final word, even though the process would include discussion and valued opinions.

4: Reward or discipline, according to performance and behavior.. and be consistent.

It took months before I felt that I had molded a great staff, some by heart-to-heart talks, some by re-training and some by replacement. The personality skills that I was able to hone along the way, however, were immeasurable and highly transferable to being a parent. It is a human being’s basic nature to look out for #1, first, and be part of a team, second. We are wired this way. This notion gave me a solid head start and plan going into parenthood, with the goal of molding my own children into the best human beings that they could be.

Rather than be a “dictator”, I would take great pains along the way to explain the rewards for positive behavior and the consequences for bad. And follow up. And follow up. Though it was difficult to see at the very early stages, I knew that this would be the best approach for the future, when my kids would someday be out on their own.

I learned from my dealings with my new staff, particularly, those many years my senior, that this would be the best approach. That experience was a free glimpse into the future, if you like. There was no way, for example, that I was going to allow my children to become the “Stomp and you’ll get your way” type, or of the “Everyone feel sorry for me, a bad break came my way” variety. Instead, I would attempt to mold the best characteristics of the staff into my own household. Team players, aiming for the common good, stating differences respectfully would be the way to go. But I (and my wife) would be in charge, lest there be any doubt.

Protect Kids in Digital Era

Taking-Over Human Nature

If you look at it from a broader perspective you will come to understand that increased technology can become suffocating. Take for example the use of mobile phones.

They’ve completely altered the way we function as humans. Allowing connectivity all across the world and bringing the phenomenon of globalization to a completely new level.

We see individuals in touch with their old school friends via Twitter and Facebook but they all lack normal interaction with their present family and friends. The essence and comfort of personal interactions is being lost with time and is that something we really aspire to achieve?

So many things to do!

And then there’s the overall increased use of digital media – video games, online streaming movies, TV shows, Netflix, social media and what not. Basically, we now have the convenience of watching anything, anywhere via our phones and laptops. And while this may seem to be greatly convenient, it’s high-time that we realize how these will affect our body, and the illnesses this lifestyle may lead us too.

The Common Problems

• Increased gazing at computer screens, tablets, phones and TV screens can severely damage your eyesight.

• Sitting in a single position for long hours can put stress on many parts of your body like the spine, neck, knees, and can causes muscle spasms as well. The prolonged application of this stress will damage the function of these body parts over time.

• Many of the common devices we use emit harmful radiations. That can trigger the emergence of severe illnesses like cancers, genetic mutations and tumours.

• Obesity, sleep deprivation, fatigue are all problems that are associated with the increased use of these devices.

Lookout for your Kids!

But these are all problems that we are all usually familiar with, and already know about. The major point of concern is that we still fail to take them seriously!

Since most parents already know that there is a very likely chance of their kids suffering from these problems. It only makes sense, if they make use of this information to prevent their child from encountering them.

Connect With Your Child Today

1. Give her a hug or cuddle first thing in the morning and allow her enough time to wake up gently.

2. Talk to your child during breakfast and ask him what his day has in store for him.

3. In the evening, spend some time reading together, even if she is reading on her own. Older children still enjoy being read to and also like to discuss their books with Mom and Dad. Listen carefully to her thoughts and findings, and share some of your own.

4. Get involved in something he is passionate about or teach him something that you love to do. Sharing an interest is a great feeling and an excellent way to bond.

5. Make sure to empathize with your child, even if you don’t agree with what she is feeling. When you acknowledge her point of view, you strengthen your connection and build emotional intelligence.

6. Listen kindly to his lengthy story about issues with his friends at recess. Don’t jump to conclusions and try to fix everything. Just listen and be there for him.

7. Have alone time with your child, without your spouse or siblings, even if it’s just 15 minutes of playing a game or doing a hobby together. She will appreciate your undivided attention.